Stewardship 2020 update!


Donna Lockhart, 2020 Stewardship campaign chair, presented a brief overview of this year's campaign, set to launch Sunday, September 29. For those of you unable to attend this service, here is a brief recap:

  • The Elders will make brief presentations regarding their Ministries and requests for new programming each of the first four Sundays of September. They will present in twos and following service, will be available in the back of the Sanctuary to answer any questions you may have and hopefully sign up new volunteers to assist them in the coming year!
  • The last Sunday of the month, September 29, Donna and Nancy Roche, Finance Elder, will present this year's goal based on the requests of the Elders.
  • In order to keep campaign costs down, we are reducing our printing materials and postage and converting to an electronic pledge card, developed by our own Rick Lambert. Rick will demonstrate this VERY USER FRIENDLY pledge card on September 29. Our pledge card also includes an opportunity for you to let us know Ministries you may be interested in helping with in the coming year. You will also receive an acknowledgement confirming your pledge. For those of you who do not wish to try the new format, paper pledge cards with envelopes will be available in the back of the church after services. The ONLY PERSON WHO WILL SEE YOUR PLEDGE IS OUR TREASURER!
  • We will post weekly our dollars raised to date along with our percentage participation to date. It is our goal, and hope, that everyone will make a pledge this year, regardless of the amount you are able to pledge. ALL GIFTS COUNT!
  • Pastor David will send an email out EACH TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 8, 15, AND 22 with a link to the pledge card.
  • We will have a Stewardship luncheon following church on October 27. Please mark your calendars NOW to join us! We will announce our dollars raised along with a few other surprises!
  • We thank you in advance for your support of this Stewardship campaign and for the dollars you will contribute to help us continue, and increase the programming at this amazing church!

Blessings from the 2020 Stewardship team Donna Lockhart, Chair, Pastor David, Judy Boyes, Glenn and Christine Affonzo and Don McArthur, with amazing support from Rick Lambert, Jack Haubach, and the Fellowship team