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Mad Matters

Faith Presbyterian Church is proud to announce a new 2019 ministry along with a partnership with Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.

Pleasant Hill has a homeless ministry called the "Mat Matters." Their group meets twice a month to make sleeping mats out of plastic bags (ie, HT, Pulbix). It takes 500-700 plastic bags to make one sleeping mat out of plastic bags, and they need some help making PLARN (a synonym for Plastic and Yarn) and PLARN balls.

Pleasant Hill will fold and cut the bags into plastic strips and give them to us to make the plarn and plarn balls. We will return our completed plarn balls and they will weave them into mats. Their group will distribute them to homeless folks in our community.

We will incur no costs with this ministry and NO TALENT IS REQUIRED...just some time. Youtube has some tutorials that show the entire process. Many places of worship around the country are involved with this ministry.

Donna Lockhart is chairing this ministry and would love for you to participate. She will be at the back of the church at each service to demonstrate how to plarn and to give you materials to get started.